Couples Therapy

Perhaps it feels as though you don’t have a good relationship right now, and yes that is tough and not a good place to be in right now.

However there may be the desire to do something about it, and if that is the case why not read on?

– Have you begun to quarrel or maybe you can’t speak to each other anymore without being misunderstood?
– Are there dramas but no empathy?
– You disagree about child rearing?
– You disagree about who does what in the home?
– Perhaps you have lost the spark and desire for each other?
– You and your life feel unimportant?
– You have started to feel that there is nothing to build on – “I can’t be bothered to try”?
– One or both of you have been unfaithful

You can start by asking yourself: “shall we take the time to look at each other, and work at being together?

If you have known each other for a while, you already know that it can be a challenge living in a relationship, whilst at the same time being an opportunity to be close, loving and authentic with another human being.

If you haven’t known each other so long, perhaps you need the opportunity for a deeper talk, about a problem that is gnawing at your relationship to discover whether you want to stay and have a future together. Therapy is therefore a good way to really learn about each other.

In therapy you know yourselves what you want to talk about. My job will primarily be, to give you an insight as to what you are saying and from that, help you to build the relationship you seek – or move towards a healthy divorce and separate as friends.

I work from the starting point, that you both have a sincere desire to learn and create changes and have acknowledged that this is a joint effort.

To examine relationships through couple’s therapy, and discover whether beneficial changes can be made, could be the ideal exercise to prepare for any bigger decisions that are to be made about the nature and future.