I have great respect for the human being and believe it is important for me to stay professionally competent and up to date with training and development. I am therefore each month in supervision group with Hanne Hostrup. Hanne is a wonderful role model for me. She got Gestalt therapy to Denmark in the 70’s. She has written an interesting article on Gestalt therapy that can be read here. (in Danish). I am on my last year of training to SE therapist (Somatic Experience). I’ll graduate in May 2016 and I receive supervision in this monthly. I am also in a training group.

In the years that have passed…

Lecture: “Grief and Psychopathology”
Marianne Davidsen Nielsen, author of “The necessary pain” a book about the healthy grieving process.

Lecture on “Shame” congenital and acquired,
Psychologist Lars Sorensen, author of the books: “Threshold of pain” (2005) “Distinctive, eccentricity and illness” (1996)

Psychological First Aid course (3 days)
Ronnie H. Larsen, Psychiatry Fund / Psykiatrifonden.

Lecture at KGI
Judith Beermann Zeligson
Lecture “Working with gestalt therapy with anxiety”
Hanne Hostrup
Lecture “Neuroaffective developmental psychology”
Susan Hart
Supervision (6 × 3 hours)
Ea Lethin Vedel
Course in Mindfulness (2 × 2 days)
Pernille Elvirose.

Dare 1-4 Workshop (4 × 6 days) on early attachment patterns
Diane Poole Heller
Training Group with a focus on early attachment styles (8 × 5 hours)
Lars Johansen
Supervision (12 × 3 hours)
Sander Nerem.

Coaching & training therapy
Lars Johansen.

Workshop “Healing Stress, mindfulness and awareness (2 days)
Pernille Elvirose.

Coaching & training therapy
Lone Dalsgaard.


2013: Psykiatrifonden – Telephone Advisor to the mentally ill and general people who need emergency help.
2010-2013: Tavtjauka – manager – planning weekly presence training, newsletters, mindfulness and retreats abroad.